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is a table of engaged strategic partners working together to implement The Set Transformation Plan projects, initiatives and vision. The mission of The Coalition is to advance redevelopment to improve the economic, social and cultural future of The Set Community. Partner organizations have long standing working relationships with signed memorandums of understanding and operating agreements. Coalition partner qualifications include attending the Racial Equity Institute’s (REI) two day workshop, learning the history of The Set community, promoting The Set Transformation Plan, supporting equitable policies and practices, and committing to community representation and accountability.


Coalition partners include:

Thrive Collective

is a community asset development firm that supports capacity building efforts of marginalized communities. Thrive’s mission is to support marginalized communities in building wealth and power. As a member of the coalition Thrive supports infrastructure and resource development and serves as the executive director of The Coalition.


The Set Neighborhood Alliance

is a civic association of the subdivided blocks that make up the The Set neighborhood. Established in 1997, The Alliance focuses on civic engagement, resident leadership development, voting and voter engagement, community education and public policy to support The Set and the vision for the community as identified in The Set Transformation Plan. The Alliance is composed of volunteer representatives including a Chair of both the Northwest and Southwest Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Presidents, as well as Block Captains covering the 1,000 acres of The Set. Block Captains serve as a trusted advocate, resource, and important communication tool for residents in their blocks. The Set Alliance also serves as the community accountability arm of The Coalition.

Village Academy

is a unique community school model within the School District of Palm Beach County located in The Set’s Southwest Neighborhood – designed to provide a continuously nurturing educational experience for students in a small school environment. Currently, Village Academy enrolls students from Head Start through 12th grade in its Information Technology (IT) and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Academies, maintaining its Small School Continuum Model and Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum to educate our world’s problem solvers of tomorrow.


The Service Employees International Union/Florida Public Services Union, CTW, CLC, (SEIU/FPSU)

represents 19,000 workers in eight counties, 16 cities, three Head Start agencies and four school districts across Florida. Working to improve the quality of life for Florida public employees, SEIU/FPSU works to face challenges with shrinking budgets, privatization, the rising cost of living, and structural racism.

The Delray Beach Community Development Corporation (CDC)

supports the community with assistance to build wealth through home ownership and improvements to existing properties. The CDC’s goals are to ensure Delray Beach residents have access to affordable housing, and to improve and redevelop neighborhoods in Delray Beach.

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The History of WARC The West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition, Inc.

WARC is a nonprofit organization promoting the regeneration of The Set neighborhood by advocating for sustainable and equitable growth and protecting this neighborhood from the negative consequences associated with structural racism – as described in The Set Transformation Plan.

WARC was created in 1996 to advise the CRA and City on redevelopment issues in the West Atlantic Neighborhood. Even while focusing on the physical aspects of redevelopment, The Set lags behind all other districts as far as economic prosperity.

In 2011 WARC made a commitment to re-engage the NW/SW Neighborhood Alliance into the coalition and reconfirmed the recommendations of the 2003 SW Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan.

Moving forward WARC seeks to advise the coalition efforts towards a theory of change that will lead to a self-contained community that contributes to the overall success of the implementation of The Set Transformation Plan.


The mission of the West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition (WARC) is to advance redevelopment to improve the economic, social and cultural future of the West Atlantic Community.